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3-Day Natural Attraction Bootcamp

Spend 3 days with us and discover exactly how to approach any girl you see in your everyday life.

In three days, you will conquer any anxiety you have and know exactly what to do when you see a beauty walking down the street. This is the most popular option for our students because we hold these all over the world.

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7-Day Mastery Supercamp


Spend 7 Days with us and YOU will CRUSH anything holding you back from dating the women you want…

Not to mention, you will meet more women in 7 days than you have in the last 5 years!

Think about it… You, me and the group are all going out to meet women. My instructors and I will show you firsthand how to attract lovely ladies.

You’ll get instant feedback on your interactions and by the end – you’ll be oozing confidence.

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17-Day Immersion

For 17 days, you will be immersed into the lifestyle of attracting, dating and seducing women. 

Plus, you will be traveling to some of the world’s best cities in Asia and Europe. After two full weeks of nonstop socializing, flirting, and seducing lovely ladies… you’ll become a modern-day Casanova.

Want the adventure of a lifetime? This is it.

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2 Year Trainer Program

This is the program that will transform your life forever. For TWO YEARS you can attend any of our 3-Day or 7-Day Bootcamps.

PLUS, you not only get to attend the boot camps, but you also get to help our new students on their journey. This is the fastest way to learn any skill.

This program will give you everything you need to become a Day Game Instructor. However, even if you don’t want to become an instructor, you can still join in for the nonstop training.

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