Beijing PUA Workshop: Your Ticket to Day Game Mastery!

The typical lifestyle of Beijing ladies seems to benefit the day game scene in the city. Being a cultural center, the Chinese capital has women who would mostly prefer operas to bars and nightclubs. Still, the lack of experience in daytime hooking up often makes it difficult for men to succeed in getting a date here. Many would fumble while speaking to girls, while others cannot even make the first move or establish a connection.

This is where the Beijing PUA day game boot camp enters the scene. Through teaching a series of proven strategies and practical advices, our PUA coaches will impart the day game skills necessary to attract beautiful Beijing women during the day. The workshop combines seminar content and live personal training to prepare the participants for real-life situations with women. Unlike with other dating techniques that are being offered in ebooks and online resources, the day game training from our established pick up artists encourages men to come face-to-face with their anxiety issues. They will be pushed to the limits of their abilities in order to make the art of day game a natural talent.


Artisan, voted WORLD’S BEST NEW PICKUP ARTIST/DATING COACH, has been revolutionizing the dating lives of men for over 5 years and is currently the owner of The Attractive Man, Inc. and Day Game Training. Artisan was a featured speaker at the PUA World Summit, Ultimate Pick Up Convention with Mystery, and is the lead trainer for Pick Up Artist Academy.

Vince Kelvin has named Artisan as having the “best game in the PUA community today!”

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Day Game vs. Night Game

There are several differences between the day and night hooking up, aside from the time in which they are practiced. Here are some of the reasons why day game will work for you:

· More Dating Prospects – During the day, we get to meet a lot of gorgeous Beijing women who are simply going about their daily lives—whether it is shopping, walking off to work or hanging out with friends. Given such circumstances, most men would find it awkward to approach the girls since they do not seem to be in the mood for flirting. However, Artisan, your Beijing dating coach, will prove you wrong. They may be busy minding their own business but that does not mean you cannot get them to notice you. Artisan will show you the right way to strike up a conversation with any woman and create an instant attraction.

· More Relaxed – In day game, there’s no need to impress or put a great effort on memorizing pick-up lines. This is why the PUA mentors will have their pupils practice and role-play the smooth moves which are required for day game in order to make it look natural.

· Favorable Atmosphere for Conversations – While the noise in the bars and nightclubs provides a good distraction for nervous men, it can also be an obstacle in trying to speak casually to a woman. In our day game PUA workshop, you will learn how to make an effect by simply conversing and flirting in broad daylight.

Here are just a few things that you will learn at the Beijing PUA bootcamp:

  • How to approach and converse with women during daytime
  • Powerful self-improvement tactics for creating the mindset of a confident guy
  • How to respond to answers like “I’m busy”, “I already have a boyfriend” and other objections and “shit tests”
  • Instant attraction techniques which will lead to a date. Our certified PUA trainers can guarantee this in less than a minute!
  • How to get women instantly interested in you
  • How to come off as confident even if you’re nervous
  • Body language techniques and non-verbal communication exercises to showcase your best qualities
  • How to physically escalate quickly and effectively


  • Over 11 hours of teaching, 1o hours of infield training AND filming of your approaches
  • The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls
  • Plenty of 1-on-1 instruction with all of the PUA trainers

**If you’ve never had infield training before, this is a once in a life time chance to get infield training in Beijing, China from the dating coach voted “Best New Pick Up Artist in the World”!


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