Learn and Master the Art of Picking up Girls in Berlin through Extensive Infield PUA Training

You probably know by now how difficult it is to approach a woman you’ve never met before and then establish a strong connection with her. You may even have gotten turned down more times than you’d care to remember.

It’s an established fact that no woman in her right mind would want to talk to, much less get to know personally, a complete stranger, unless of course he has the right amount of charm that will put all of her doubts to rest. You may be thinking that kind of charm is hard to come by as not everyone is made equal.

That, however, is not true!

Becoming a good pickup artist does take time, but if you’ve been practicing for as long as you can remember and still haven’t had your first taste of dating success, you might have been practicing the wrong techniques all along. You can spend years learning to become a good PUA in the hope of someday entering into a close relationship with the girl you really want, or you can learn the secrets in this Berlin PUA bootcamp and soon find yourself with all the skills of a dating expert.

Finally, here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for, the opportunity for you to learn proven pickup techniques from the master himself, Matt Artisan. Artisan, the renowned dating coach who was voted World’s Best New Pickup Artist, has been bringing his Day Game Training Mastery Bootcamps to select cities throughout the US, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe to teach men like you the techniques needed to attract women and form very close relationships with them. Artisan and his team of instructors will be in Berlin for live training and to spread the good word about achieving dating success through “day game” which is the proven ability to approach any woman during daytime and make her genuinely interested in you.

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Under the close supervision of Artisan and his team, you will ultimately learn a number of critical skills, including how to:

  • Be confident enough to casually approach women you’ve never met before
  • Make yourself stand out from all other men they’ve met
  • Spark any woman’s interest and get her attracted to you in just 30 seconds
  • Form an instant connection and deep feelings of rapport and comfort with women
  • Spark instant attraction to get women immediately interested in you
  • Get her number and set up a date in under two minutes
  • Sweep her off her feet through your charm and charisma
  • Demonstrate high value and attractive qualities without using fake lines or routines
  • Create sexual tension and show that you are a sexually confident man
  • Escalate physically, verbally and logistically
  • Correct body language and voice tonality
  • BONUS: night game techniques, phone and text game mastery, instant-dates explained, and first date tips!


  • 22 hours of classroom lecture, live infield training and feedback of your approaches
  • Bonuses including The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls, The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests, and a Fashion Makeover
  • Plenty of 1-on-1 instruction with Artisan and his team of master PUAs
  • Your sticking points eliminated!

**How successful you are in dating doesn’t depend on looks, brains, or money; it depends on confidence. Just read the testimonials from men who were taught by Artisan himself to develop their confidence and are now enjoying popularity with girls they never before thought was possible.


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