Budapest PUA Training: Dating Workshop for Men on How to Meet Women during the Day in Hungary

Do you want to be a natural Casanova and sweep any woman you desire off her feet? If you seem to have difficulty in attracting women, then fret no more, our team of Budapest PUA experts will help you.

Tired of getting rejected by gorgeous women? Artisan will help you improve your “game” when it comes to dating techniques and how to make changes for yourself. He will assist you every step of the way from a total make-over, to saying the right things and developing the right habits.

Soon the daunting task of talking to women will become a thing of the past. Artisan has proved to change and transform the dating lives of countless men, making them enjoy the tremendous joys of a great relationship.


Artisan, voted WORLD’S BEST NEW PUA, has been on the PUA scene for over 5 years teaching in countrys all over the world including, USA, India, China, and Europe. Budapest dating coach, Artisan, has transformed the dating lives of thousands of men at numerous boot camps and seminars including the PUA Summit, Ultimate Pick Up Conference, Global Pick Up Conference and more!

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With Artisan’s Budapest PUA boot camp you will learn the following:

  • Approaching women during the most awkward moments like in a gym, when she is with a guy friend, walking fast, on the phone and other difficult situations
  • Becoming a sociable and approachable guy all the time
  • Getting return calls from her
  • How to become Mr. Right guy for her
  • How to emphasize your best attributes and make sure she notices
  • How to get her to come to you and chase you
  • How to have a better psychological approach to women
  • How to quickly set up a date with her during the first encounter
  • How to turn things around when a woman starts to give excuses
  • Making lasting impressions and establishing attraction with beautiful women
  • Texting techniques that work and getting her to say yes to a date in less than five texts.



Artisan provides you with 24 hours of lecture, training, and real time feedback on all your assignments and interactions. Artisan and his Budapest dating coach professionals will give you one-on-one sessions on how to talk to and approach women. You will also enjoy other bonuses such as how to change your fashion sense, changing your habits, and the way you think about women.

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Reserve your spot and see how your love life gets changed for the best. Get the dating experience that you deserve. Register for this Budapest PUA boot camp today!

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Budapest, Hungary

Date: TBA


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