How to Talk to Girls

Well there’s something you wish they taught in middle school. And with all the survival skills, from how to tie a tie to how to throw a punch, drilled into us men from our early years, you’d think someone would take the time to tackle the subject. But fear not, I’m here to fill the [...]

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How to Flirt with Women

Guys always ask me how to flirt with women as if it is some unknown mystery of the cosmos. But the truth is, it's not always so easy. While there are many method and variations to flirting: touching, bantering, role-playing, teasing, etc. I'm going to give you my #1 foolproof method on how to flirt [...]

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PUA Training: Your Guide to Day Game

Going through PUA training is the best way to become a professional pick up artist. PUA training offers different but effective methods on how to attract, seduce and pick up women. This is especially helpful for men who are not that good looking and those who do not have the self-confidence to approach women. Remember, [...]

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PUA Boot Camps

There are many things to consider in looking for a Pick Up Artist Boot Camp. If you want to improve your dating skills through practical methods, it is recommended that you go through a Pick up Artist PUA boot camp. Although there are numerous e-books, videos and online materials about attracting women, sometimes, you still [...]

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Top 10 Day Game Openers

Before I get started listing the best openers for day game, make sure to check out our schedule to see if there is a boot camp in a city near you. If you are really serious about meeting and attracting beautiful women during the day then check out our training schedule: Register for a Bootcamp [...]

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