Day Game Mastery PUA Bootcamp in Dublin:
When You Need Something More than a Little Irish Luck


Guys tend to think that nighttime is right time for picking up girls. It has often been thought that one has the greatest chance of meeting a pretty and interesting woman in a pub after office hours because that is where women usually go to unwind and relax with their girlfriends to cap off a long and tiring day. However, it’s a lot harder than you think even without competition from other guys who may be there and doing the same thing as you. Statistics prove that although going to pubs in the hope of meeting girls is considered the norm, considerably little success has been achieved by men in those places.

The best alternative for you would be to pickup girls up during the day, hence the term day game. Attractive and interesting women may be found everywhere while the sun is up. They’re in your workplace, at your school, at the local grocery, and even right next door. Looking for them isn’t the challenging part; it’s walking up to them and getting them more interested in you despite the fact you hardly know each other.

To overcome this challenge, renowned dating coach Matt Artisan and his team of PUA instructors present the Day Game Training Mastery Bootcamp, which are 2 or 3-day training sessions held in Dublin Ireland to help men significantly improve their chances of success in dating.


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The classroom sessions and real-life applications in Dublin will teach the following among other things:

  • How to pick up women during daytime casually and without seeming out of place
  • How to properly respond to a woman’s questions and thus gain her trust and interest in you
  • How to set up a date with a complete stranger in as little as a few minutes
  • Keeping the conversation going while building more and more attraction and sexual tension
  • Number closing in 2-minutes or less
  • How to make yourself different from every other guy she has ever met in her life
  • How to escalate physically to get an instant date right then and there
  • Techniques in reading and using body language
  • Effortless escalation

Other benefits and bonuses for attending the Dublin PUA bootcamp:

  • Tons of classroom lectures, infield practical training and practice, we will even film your approaches so you can see what you’re doing wrong/right
  • Instant feedback and coaching on your approaches
  • An additional 3-month training program, which will make sure that you are continuously learning and motivated even after the boot camp
  • Bonus literature written by Artisan himself including The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls, The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests, and more
  • One on one attention with your personal Dublin dating coach to bring out your best qualities
  • Your bad habits and sticking points finally eliminated so that you can achieve a whole new level of success

** It seems too good to be true, but the testimonials from satisfied individuals confirm the effectiveness of the program. Now you can also enjoy the same kind of success these men have been enjoying since Artisan and his team taught them the ropes.


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