If all the men in the world were to get together and make a list of the hardest things that we have to do in life, the task of how to approach a girl would top the list by a significant margin. And you can’t really blame us for it. The beautiful girl with the soft brown hair standing by the bar might seem like the embodiment of all things pure and lovely at first glance; but we know better. One wrong move on the approach and she could turn into a snarling monster that’ll chew us out and spit us out into lonely, dark corner of shame. Hence our fear.

While this fear of how to approach a girl isn’t completely unwarranted (there’s actually an evolutionary explanation for it), it can be tackled with the right tools of the trade. And that is where I come in. Following are some tips to help you approach a girl the right way.

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Be quick

Every time you hover around a girl waiting for ‘the perfect moment’ to approach her, you’re doing two things: One – you’re creeping her out and coming off as timid and shy, and two- you’re making yourself more nervous. A good rule of thumb is to approach a girl as soon as you spot her or as soon as she spots you and makes eye contact. By doing this you will come across as bold and confident; qualities that turn women on. Even if you say the wrong thing, it’s better to approach right away than to hesitate. In Day Game Training we have a rule when it comes to how to approach a girl…..”He Who Hesitates, Masturbates”.


This is a no-brainer. By smiling you come across as warm and friendly, things that work to your advantage when approaching a strange woman. Avoid being the guy that freaks out a woman by trying to look cool or tough by not smiling when approaching her. Also try to have a smile already on your face when she first notices you. Most people feel compelled to return a smile when it seems genuine and spontaneous, it’s a basic human reaction. And this will set a warm and open tone to the start of your interaction.

Don’t complicate things

When guys think about how to approach a girl they often worry what their opener is going to be and spend ages trying to settle on ‘the perfect line’ when approaching a woman. As the Italian Mafia would say, forget about it! When you first approach a strange woman, she’s going to be paying more attention to your vibe and body language than the exact words you’re saying. So focus more on your initial vibe and delivery, and you’ll find your approaches becoming much smoother.

To really learn how to approach a girl register for a Day Game Mastery Bootcamp in a city near you and we guarantee you’ll become an approach machine! Your instructor will teach you how to approach a a girl easily and effectively without phony lines and routines.

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