How To Create Sexual Tension with a Woman

Attraction will make her like you but the sexual tension is what makes her want to be intimate with you. Sexual tension is what actually turns her on…

And when you can create a little sexual tension the moment you first meet, that’s when she’ll get butterflies and start falling for you hard. It’s like a movie moment where time just stops.

So in this post, I’ll show you 5 ways to create sexual tension immediately. And if she doesn’t feel comfortable in any way then let her walk away. Never try to keep a girl talking to you if she doesn’t want to.

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how to create sexual tension

There are 5 key points to make this work and not come off as creepy. There is a fine line between having a sexual vibe that creates tension and being creepy. And you will want to vary the intensity depending on the situation. 

1. Feeling Sexual in your body

Don’t be afraid of your own your turn on. Society tells us this is wrong. But fuck society. Social norms are often wrong. Now don’t do this in a work environment or you might get fired. But in a club or even during the day (to a lesser degree) this is really important and will make sure you never land in the friend zone. You can think of a past sexual experience. In fact, think of the best sexual experience you ever had. And guess what, now you are in a more sexual state.

And one way you will convey that is by giving her……

2. The Look of Desire

It’s not just about eye contact. Because you can give strong eye contact that totally creeps her out. Not good. I want you to look at her with Appreciation, appreciating her feminine beauty. Women love to feel desired by a powerful masculine man. She will feel it, and it’s very intoxicating. And I have a friend that is bold in his 40’s and is 5,3” and he is a master at showing his intensity and power through his eyes. And it scored him a lot of tall women who are stunning…

So just Look at her like you know you could give her the utmost sensual satisfaction – if she is lucky. When you have that kind of mentality your whole demeanor shifts.

3. Pausing and Speaking slowly

Another way to amp up the sexual tension is to pause and speak slowly. Especially when you first approach that woman.

You see, a couple things happen during those pauses. Of course, it increases the intensity because she doesn’t know who I am, I’m a random guy on the street I’m around or a random stranger approaching her so of course there’s gonna be some intensity. It creates drama, it creates anticipation, she doesn’t know what I’m gonna say next.

I’m grounding myself. I’m just allowing myself to look at her, and really breathe her in and appreciate her beauty. And she can feel that.

how to create sexual tension

4. Standing close to her

Another really easy way to increase that sexual tension is to stand a little bit closer to her. Now you don’t want to overdo this and stand right in her face because that can seem obviously a little creepy, weird, and even threatening and make her feel unsafe. So what I’m talking about is very subtle. And of course, if she doesn’t seem comfortable then take a step back.

It’s about an inch or two into her personal space. Her personal space is about arm’s distance away. This is a pretty comfortable distance for two strangers. However, if you just take a little step into her personal space – not too much, like I said about two or three inches max. This will really increase the sexual tension. She will feel your masculine presence even more intensely.

5. Touching and holding her hand longer than normal

Touching can be very arousing as it increases oxytocin, a hormone that’s also experienced during orgasm, but if you do it too much too soon if you escalate too quickly or touch her in inappropriate places, that can completely kill the interaction. 

So, I recommend start very small and work your way up. And always make sure she feels comfortable. If at any point she doesn’t seem comfortable then stop what you are doing immediately. Always make sure everything you do is consensual. 

In a club type environment, you can escalate a little bit quicker. You can go really close to her, maybe touch her on the small of her back, and say something into her ear because it’s so loud.

So what can you do to use touch to increase sexual tension during the daytime? It’s very simple: Shaking her hand.

First of all, you must shake her hand like a man. That doesn’t mean crush her hand, but don’t do the limp fish.
Shake her hand the same way you would shake a man’s hand. Allow her to feel your strength. Because a weak handshake can completely kill the attraction.

To take things further and create that sexual tension, hold her hand just a little bit longer than normal. A normal handshake is about two or three seconds, and play with it, experiment with it. See how long you can hold her hand while maintaining that really strong eye contact, that look of desire. While standing a little bit closer to her than normal to really amp up that sexual tension.

Breaking the tension…

Now, of course, at some point, you’re gonna break that tension. It can’t go on forever. But those few moments of sexual tension is what really sparks that intense attraction. It makes you really memorable, also makes her comfortable with you. Because if she can be comfortable with the complete stranger in a matter of seconds – having that kind of moment? I guarantee you she’s gonna want to see you again and take things further.

Now if you combine any number of these, feeling sexual in your body, pausing, giving her the look, standing near her, and touching or holding her hand longer than normal it can trigger instant turn on, so you are ready to escalate things because it’s the man’s job to make the move.

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how to create sexual tension

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I’m out! Cheers!