Guys always ask me how to flirt with women as if it is some unknown mystery of the cosmos. But the truth is, it’s not always so easy. While there are many method and variations to flirting: touching, bantering, role-playing, teasing, etc. I’m going to give you my #1 foolproof method on how to flirt with women that you can use tonight at the bar/club or on a date.

All you have to do is….

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The common notion is that the man is always trying to seduce the woman. But, you can reverse that idea and set a frame (underlying context of the interaction) that she is the sexual aggressor trying to make advances on you!

Learning how to flirt with women by suggesting or assuming that she’s hitting on YOU works great because it’s fun, sexual and sets you apart from what the average guy would do or say. And, by creating that frame that she is trying to get into your pants, it plants that seed in her mind. All you have to do is gently water the seed; nurture it and let it grow; and then FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THE PLANT! OK OK sorry I got a little carried away there lol.


And, when she agrees with your statement and role-plays along with you by saying things like, “oh yeah I’m just trying to get in your pants lol” then she’s further solidifying that frame and playfully suggesting that YES she does in fact want to have sex with you.

When learning how to flirt with women, you should not over use any technique….or it looses it’s power. This should be something that is sprinkled in the conversation here and there.

Let’s see some examples shall we?

“I better go before you start to try to seduce me” (time constraint)

“No sex tonight….I know I’m sorry” (negation)

Her: “Can you pass me that napkin?”
You: “Is that some kind of sexual innuendo? Are you hitting on me” (playful/random)

“Stop trying to seduce me with your eyes (pause) of I will be forced to kiss you” (kiss escalation)

“You girls are all the same, you only have one thing on your mind” (sexual frame)

Remember this is only one technique in your arsenal on how to flirt with women. To learn more and become an expert on how to flirt with women, simply enroll in a Day Game Mastery Boot Camp with one of Day Game Training’s top trainers.

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