Introducing The Top Kansas City PUA Infield Workshop!

Take Your Game To The Next Level With Live Infield PUA Training in Kansas City Kansas With The Guy Voted Best PUA On The Planet

We’ve all been there…

You are in your favorite book store in Kansas City and you find a breath-taking babe walk right past you. Do you know the magic phrase to confidently approach her and ignite sexual chemistry?

In Kansas City gorgeous babes are all around you! Stop passing up all the chances to meet women that are everywhere every day.

Watch Matt Artisan Infield:

You owe it to yourself to live life to the fullest and get training from the top Kansas City PUA.

Our team of top trainers will teach you:

  • How to get rid of all fear in terms of walking up to girls
  • How to trigger a strong connection right away
  • How to confidently sweep her off her feet
  • How to use your non-verbals, voice tonality and facial expressions to be high value and sex-worthy
  • How to get her to invest andpick up YOU!
  • How to attract girls unconsciously so you don’t seem rehearsed
  • How to confidently number close her like a badass
  • How to physically escalate and move things further and make her want to have sex with you ASAP
  • Inner game strategies and methods
  • How to stay out of being just her friend and instead get her to view you as her lover
  • And that’s just the beginning!

This is exactly how real PUAs that are incredibly good with girls approach. And it will be easy to you too.

There is virtually no memorizing fake lines or routines. Just effective systems that get the job done.

We will film you so my team and I can give you all of the advice you need to enhance your verbals and non-verbals.

This Kansas City PUA workshop is proven to fix your sticking points.

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“I can get dates whenever I want.”
He used to look at women and not do anything. Then he approached more women than he ever did in his whole life.
“Women are ‘selling themselves’ to me now.”
“I beat my anxiety on the first night and now I talk to girls whenever I want”
From a shy guy who couldn’t hold conversations, to bringing home a beautiful woman in just 7 days.
He brought THREE girls home in 9 days of training.
“I threw my approach anxiety out the window.”
“I made her eyes light up”
He couldn’t talk to Asian women… now it’s a buffet!
Made out with a gorgeous Swedish woman.
Two different women, two different nights, both in his bed.
“I can date women easier than ever before.”
He couldn’t approach girls at all. Then he got an instant date with a drop-dead gorgeous woman.
He’s been approaching for 1 1/2 years and got his first instant date on this bootcamp
Not only can he meet gorgeous women now, but INTERESTING women as well.
Women CHASE him now.
He hadn’t kissed a girl in 14 years. After a few days with us, he ended his dry spell.
He’s a new man.
Now, he can turn women on with EASE.
UPDATE: He’s married.
His whole ENTIRE social life skyrocketed.
Women chase him after 2-3 texts.
No pickup lines. Just an easy-to-use system to meet great women that he can use IMMEDIATELY.
“I got physical with women in less than TWO days.”

And our Kansas City PUA Event comes with a Money-Back Guarantee that we will not only offer you an absolute refund if you don’t receive the outcome you want, but also let you keep the bonuses as a gift .


Kansas City, Kansas

Date: TBA

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Other cities served in Kansas: Overland Park, Wichita, Olathe