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Do you want to learn exclusive pickup artist secrets that will enable you to not only approach any woman without fear or anxiety, but also close the deal and get a date? Over the course of a weekend, you’ll learn to become the pickup artist you’ve always dreamed of being from our Los Angeles expert dating coach Artisan, who learned his skills from countless days and nights in the dating scene.

The Los Angeles PUA Boot Camp will provide you with over 24 hours of lectures and practical infield training from our experienced instructors who will also provide you with real-time feedback on your approaches and interactions. You’ll also enjoy one-on-one pickup artist training from a Los Angeles dating coach that will help bring out your best qualities and help smooth out your personal sticking points.

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Here are just some of the lessons you’ll learn from this experienced LA dating coach…

  • How to approach and attract any woman you want during the day
  • Inner game techniques that will help you be the pickup artist you’ve always dreamed of being, and will enable you to approach any woman without fear during the day.
  • How to form an instant connection with any woman and spark an attraction so intense that she’ll be chasing you.
  • How to make any woman see you as a prize catch by stressing your attractive qualities regardless of your social status, your class level and even your looks.
  • How to escalate any encounter with a woman by creating sexual tension in as little as ten seconds that will enable you to close the deal and get a date.
  • How to create sexual tension and attraction even in as little as 10 seconds
  • How to escalate physically and want her begging for more
  • Much more including bonus night game, phone and text game, instant-dates and first date tips!

And when you sign up for the boot camp, you’ll get these great extras:

  • Three-month continuation program conducted by a dating coach through video lessons and phone coaching as well as infield assignments that will keep you engaged.
  • Special bonuses designed by our dating coach instructors including our Ultimate Guides to Texting Girls and Passing Shit Tests and a Fashion Makeover to enhance your attractiveness.
  • Plenty of 1-on-1 instruction to bring out your own attractive qualities
  • Your personal sticking points eliminated so you can get the success with women you’ve always wanted

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“I haven’t kissed a girl in 14 years, and I was kissing [one] last night!” – Shahid
“I saw this girl, she was hot, opened up the set and [before] you know it we went on an instant date.” – Damian
“She was this beautiful complete 10 flight attendant… and I got her phone number.” – Marcus
“The honest, ethical, genuine way you should communicate with women… and not in a way that is deceptive, lying or manipulative…” – Arlus
“I’ve become more comfortable with rejection and approaching.” – Mickey
“He’s very honest, and he’ll push you to the limit he wants you to go – and he does it in a very loving way.” – Joshua


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