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Practice makes perfect, this holds true especially for picking up women in the day time in Moscow. But it would be even better if you get proper infield training and a personal Moscow dating coach to point out the things you are doing wrong and eliminate your bad habits? These are exactly what you will get when you register for this exclusive Moscow PUA boot camp.

Artisan – Voted “World’s Best New Pick Up Artist”

Artisan is regarded as the best new dating coach today; he was given the title of “Best New Pickup Artist in the World” at the recently concluded PUA World Summit, and he was also the lead trainer for Vince Kelvin’s Seduction Coaching. He has also written several books on how to drastically improve one’s game like “The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls” and the monthly master program “Pick Up Artist Academy”.

Artisan has improved the dating lives of men from the US to Europe and Asia, and now along with your personal Moscow dating coach, he will help you drastically improve your game.

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Some of the things that you will be taught at the Moscow PUA boot camp:

  • Techniques to picking up women in broad daylight
  • Inner techniques to help you deal with anxiety
  • How to not run out of things to say
  • Making instant connections and rapport with any woman
  • Getting phone numbers in less than a minute
  • How to catch a woman’s fancy even when she’s doing her regular routines
  • How to raise your value regardless of your wealth or stature
  • Tips on standing out from the rest of the other men
  • Fast and effortless physical, verbal, and logistic escalation
  • How to create sexual tension in less than ten seconds
  • Reading and using body language to its potential
  • …and tons of other bonuses to help improve your game.

At the Moscow PUA boot camp, you can also expect::

  • More than a 2-day’s worth of lectures, practical infield sessions, and live filming of your approaches
  • You will also be getting instant feedback while interacting with women
  • Bonus books from Artisan himself, like “The Ultimate Guide to Texting Women” and “The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests” and many more
  • One on one lessons with an experienced Moscow dating coach, and…
  • The complete elimination of the bad habits that hinder you from achieving the elite level of game

** If you have never tried infield training before, then register now for the Moscow pua bootcamp and see your “game” explode!

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“I haven’t kissed a girl in 14 years, and I was kissing [one] last night!” – Shahid
“I saw this girl, she was hot, opened up the set and [before] you know it we went on an instant date.” – Damian
“She was this beautiful complete 10 flight attendant… and I got her phone number.” – Marcus
“The honest, ethical, genuine way you should communicate with women… and not in a way that is deceptive, lying or manipulative…” – Arlus
“I’ve become more comfortable with rejection and approaching.” – Mickey
“He’s very honest, and he’ll push you to the limit he wants you to go – and he does it in a very loving way.” – Joshua


Moscow, Russia

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