Exclusive infield training to take your “game” to the next level…and beyond!

Looking for a Prague dating coach or Prague PUA trainer? Look no further! No matter how confident some PUAs may seem, they still have a hard time approaching and winning a date. If they strike out too often, this can lead to insecurity problems regarding their own masculinity. What most guys don’t realize however is that they’re not alone in this problem. A large percentage of the male population is experiencing this kind of anxiety. However, only the very few smart men choose to do something about it by taking live Prague PUA training.

In this boot camp, you’ll be armed with a wide array of knowledge and skills that will help you lose the anxiety and gain the confidence needed to ask a girl out. More importantly, Artisan will instruct you on how to make the approach into something the woman definitely couldn’t refuse.


Artisan, voted WORLD’S BEST NEW PICKUP ARTIST, has been revolutionizing people’s dating lives for over 5 years and is currently the owner of The Attractive Man 1-on-1 Dating Coach and lead trainer for Vince Kelvin’s Seduction Coaching. Artisan was a featured speaker at the ‘09, ‘10 and ’11 PUA World Summit, ’09, ’10 and ‘11 Pick Up Academy, ‘10 Texting and Online Game Seminar and is one of the preeminent gurus in the dating community.

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As Prague dating coach and master Prague PUA, Artisan will literally teach you thousands of things you don’t know about dating, women and attraction. See, regardless of how time has evolved, it is important to know that males and females act on their basic instinct. Males are the aggressors who get to hunt for the mate while females sit back and choose from their suitors. Females however are honed into picking out the alpha male from the group. They are biologically programmed to go for the guy with the best possible genes to pass on to their offspring. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a girl wants to get pregnant; simply that she is attracted to the guy who stands out in the crowd.

Through body language, facial expressions and tonal quality, a male can learn how to distance himself from the group and appear as the alpha male. Artisan and his other PUA trainers and dating coaches will instruct you on how to keep the female engaged and get her number in 3-minutes or less in broad day light AKA “PUA day game”.

Artisan will teach you exactly what to say in every situation you might encounter. Additional “game” through texting, phone conversations and different situations are also present, ensuring that guys will know how to make an approach regardless of their current environment.

Other topics include how to get women to chase you, how to get a girl’s phone number in just a few minutes and best of all, how to create sexual tension in 10 seconds or less.

Artisan (and his day game instructors) will teach you…

  • How to approach any woman you want during the day no matter what she’s doing or who she’s with
  • Inner game techniques to always be in state
  • How to eliminate all approach anxiety for good
  • How to never run out of things to say and have her clinging to your every word!
  • How to spark instant attraction without using a bunch of canned lines or routines
  • How to “number-close” in 2-min or less
  • How to show high value regardless of wealth, status, age, size, weight or looks
  • How to escalate physically and sexually
  • Body language and voice tonality techniques to demonstrate alpha male characteristics
  • Much more including night game techniques, phone and text game strategies, instant-dates and how to take her home on the first date every single time!


  • Over 20 hours of lecture, live training and live filming of your interactions
  • Instant real-time feedback on your approaches!!!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls, The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests and a Full Fashion Makeover!!!
  • Tons of 1-on-1 instruction with lead instructor Artisan
  • Your personal sticking points eliminated so you can reach an elite level of “game” that you’ve always dreamed about

**If you’ve never had infield training before, this is your chance to get live PUA Training in Prague at a fraction of the price!

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