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We’ve all been there. You see a girl shopping for clothes, and you suddenly get a glimpse of her striking beauty from across the aisle. You presumed she will be taking her time so you rush to the nearest restroom. Looking in the mirror, you go through every single possible way of introducing yourself to her. When you have finally mustered enough courage to walk up to her, you find out that she had been gone five minutes ago. End of story.

If you are anywhere around China’s premier shopping district, then definitely enroll in a Shanghai PUA boot camp. Nine out of ten men are still clueless as to how they should approach women during the day and this explains why they fail in the hooking up department. They are always in jeopardy of letting the opportunity slip though their fingers. However, under the tutelage of an expert of a Shanghai PUA master day game pick up artist, you will discover that there’s still hope for your romantic aims.

But why you do you have to get the services of a Shanghai dating coach when you can easily browse ebooks and many other dating resources? One obvious reason is to practice the techniques right then and there so you can easily perfect the craft of attracting women during the day. Artisan, your dating coach, will show you how to effectively approach and attract women the right way and even give you feedback on all of your approaches.


Artisan was voted WORLD’S BEST NEW PICKUP ARTIST/DATING COACH, has been revolutionizing the dating lives for men thoughout Asia for over 5 years. Artisan is a yearly featured speaker at the PUA World Summit, Ultimate Pick Up Convention with Mystery, and is the lead trainer for PUA Academy.

Vince Kelvin named Artisan as having the “best game in the PUA community today!”

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· Live Intensive Training – Your dating coach will personally work with you as you apply the lessons during a day stroll around Shanghai city. This means you will have the benefit of being trained more closely while you make your way to the woman you like.

· Simple and Straightforward Techniques – Unlike when reading guides, you are not going to be lost in the lessons when you enroll yourself in live PUA training. The techniques here are far easier to digest than those written on the ebooks. Practical application is what separates this training method from the rest.

· Day Game Oriented – There are only a few ebooks written about this particular hooking up style. In fact, it is not quite surprising if the day game strategies are offered only by several reputable PUA services. Many guys are still unfamiliar with daytime hooking up. The advices found in ebooks would mostly talk about night encounters or those that involve flirting in bars; hence, they are not applicable for day game.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn at the Shanghai PUA boot camp:

  • How to effectively walk up to any woman and start a conversation in any situation
  • Powerful inner-game techniques to eliminate all feelings of approach anxiety and rejection
  • How to spark intense attraction in only 3 minutes or less
  • How to become social and eliminate all shyness and approach anxiety
  • Mastery of all nonverbal communication and body language
  • How to escalate through touch and sexual frames


  • Over 9 hours of in-class seminar, 1o hours of infield training AND live filming of your approaches so you can get instant feedback on all of your interactions
  • Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls
  • 1-on-1 instruction with all of the Day Game PUA trainers

**This is your once-in-a-life-time chance to get live training in Shanghai, China from a top Shanghai dating coach!

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