Dates: September 16th – 18th, 2016

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Instructor: Josiah Prise

In One Weekend, You’ll Have The Ability To Approach Her, Spark Sexual Chemistry, And Get A Date…

Here’s the scenario… You are out on your lunch break and you see the most beautiful woman heading into the coffee shop.  What do you do? How do you stop that nervousness or anxiety?  Do you interrupt her? Do you wait until she orders?  What do you say?  And if you get her number, how do you continue the interaction to get the date and escalate to the bedroom?

If you are unsure about what do and say when you see an attractive woman, don’t worry… You’re NOT alone. Here is the good news… I can show you how to finally become Natural and Confident when approaching, flirting, and dating beautiful women, just like hundreds of guys have before you.

When you leave Your Bootcamp, you will know exactly what to do and what to say in any situation so she melts with overwhelming desire right in front of you.

What we created is a Simple 3 Step Sequence, that ANY guy can use to create real and authentic Sexual Attraction with practically any woman AND WITHOUT Fear of Rejection.  This sequence will guide you, step-by-step, all the way from the Approach, to the date, and all the way to the bedroom.  Our proven methods are based on advanced female psychology and modeling powerfully attractive men (who are NOT tall, good looking or rich).

For the past 5 years, we have shared our teachings and secrets with hundreds of guys all over the world. I have now taught guys in the U.S., Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, and the list goes on… and they come to us because we get them results.

 A Bootcamp with The Attractive Man is the fastest way to mastering everything you need to know about dating.

This is about showing you exactly how to approach,  flirt, and date beautiful women that you meet anywhere.  You spend about 20 hours with us as we guide you toward success with women.

You will learn the exact proven sequence, that hundreds of students have used, to successfully attract and date beautiful women they meet.

The best part is that what we teach in our bootcamps is NOT about “Tricking” girls into bed.  That is horse crap.

This is all about using your own personality to create authentic sexual attraction and deep connections with women.

Here is the main reason you HAVE to take a Bootcamp: It will literally Double or Triple Your Dating Life in One Weekend.

You see, Books and Videos can certainly help, however, taking a Bootcamp is the difference between flying a plane in a video game and Piloting a Real F-16 Fighter Plane.Our Bootcamps are Different because we focus on Giving You The Tools For Long Term Success…

Here are the 3 Keys to being successful with women in the long term…

1.  Learn proven strategies from the masters…

When learning any skill, it is important to learn from people who know what they are doing.  If not, then you will develop bad habits, potentially get worse and sabotage your success.

Our coaches have taken years of training to become this good and to ensure they can cater to your specific needs. They will show you in person how to approach, flirt, and seduce women in broad daylight. You will get to see the 3-step formula done right before your eyes.

We will give you a step by step blueprint for meeting and attracting women during the day that works practically every time.

2.  Develop Your Inner Game…

Maybe you are a little shy, and that is okay. Many of our guys come in lacking confidence. Not only are we going to banish your anxiety and nervousness, we are going to find out the root of what is stopping you so it never comes back again.

You see, anyone can show you how to temporarily be confident with approaching women. But, a week later when you try to do it again, the old habits start coming back.  The key is to develop a strong inner game so that you are confident and powerful ALL THE TIME… not just after you “warmup”.

If you don’t fix your inner game, you may have temporary success, but you will never be with truly amazing women.  I know that is harsh, but the truth.

3.  Immediately Apply What You Learn…

You can learn everything you need to know, however, if you don’t go out and practice, you will never Actually See Results. What’s great about our Bootcamps, is you’ll have a certified Instructor, showing you, motivating you, and guiding you throughout the process.

When you approach, we will mic you up,  and record you so that we can listen to everything you say.  This way we will be able to give you on the spot feedback. With this type of progression you will come out of the Bootcamp not even recognizing yourself.

Most guys enter the bootcamp hoping to get a few numbers.  Afterwards they are blown away because many guys are able to get instant dates and even more.

Here’s The Course Outline

DAY 1:


  • Mastering The Fundamentals And Laying A Solid Foundation For Success
  • How To Get Grounded and Exude Confidence During Intense Situations
  • Finding Out What Is Internally Preventing You From Getting The Girl You Want
  • Changing The One Thing That Is Holding You Back
  • How To Never Be Phased By Rejection Ever Again
  • How To Avoid The One Crucial Mistake That All Guys Make Make (This One Trick May Transform Your Dating Life Over Night)


DAY 2:


  • The Most Powerful Way To Approach A Woman And Trigger Instant Attraction
  • How To Start Interactions In The Most Difficult Situations (she’s on the phone, eating, in a rush, with friends, with a guy, etc.)
  • How to Use Your Body Language And Eye Contact To Make Her Feel Weak In The Knees With Desire
  • How To Get Her Phone Number In 30-Seconds
  • Opening, Positioning and Body Language Drills So She’s Receptive To Everything You Say



  • How to Get a Woman to Actually Start Attracting and Chasing You
  • Day Time Attraction Techniques for Building High Compliance
  • How To Keep The Conversation Going Without Bragging or Trying to Impress Her
  • Creating A Deep Connection On An Emotional Level
  • How to Never Run Out of Things to Say and Always Know What to SayNext
  • Advanced Conversational Drills and Exercises So What You Say Becomes Second Nature



DAY 3:


  • How To Get An Instant Date With Her Right On The Spot
  • Advanced Closing Techniques: Making the Number Solid So She WANTS To See You Again
  • How to Handle a Woman’s Tests and Objections (“I have a boyfriend”, “I am in a hurry”, “I don’t give out my number”, etc.)
  • Closing Drills and Role-Playing the Entire Interaction So It Becomes Ingrained In Your Mind



  • Texting Her After You Get Her Number And How To Get A Date In 3 Texts
  • How To Set Up A Successful First Date So You Maintain the Attraction
  • First Date Strategies for Getting the Girl Back to Your House
  • Reveil All Infield Footage To See Your Progress
  • Answer All Remaining Questions
  • Full Proof Continuity Action Plan


Imagine Having The Power To See A Woman Anywhere and Make Her Yours

  • We layout exactly how to Approach, step-by-step, so you can easy create an instant authentic connection with her
  • How to eliminate your shyness and nervousness in seconds so you can be calm and confident even in the most intense situations
  • How to get rid of your mental roadblocks so you can have LONGTERM dating success
  • You’ll learn the most captivating James Bond, opener that works in any situation, even if she’s on the phone, even if she’s with a guy, even if she’s with her mother.
  • Not only are you going to learn how to talk like a real man, but you’ll also learn how to keep the conversation going and build a deep emotional connection.
  • We’re going to mic you up and listen to of your approaches to give you instant feedback to perfect your approach so it just blows her mind.
  • The one thing to avoid so you never get stuck in the friends zone.
  • You’re going to learn you how to trigger so much desire even in the middle of the day that you’ll be able to get a date right there on the spot or take her back to your place in if that’s what you want.
  • You’ll learn how to create authentic attraction without memorizing any lines or routines
  • Your coach will show you a technique called “The Look” that will sweep a woman off her feet just by looking deep into her eyes.
  • Your coach will show you the amazing principles of alpha body language so that you command attention everywhere you go even if you are short and scrawny.
  • You’ll learn how easy it is to get a girl’s number in under 3 minutes and set up a date later that night
  • Secrets of creating sexual tension fast so she becomes overwhelmed with desire
  • How to move things forward and escalate all the way to the bedroom
  • Over 18 hours worth of classroom lectures, infield training, and live recording of your interactions
  • Instant on the spot feedback for rapid improvement
  • Mic’ing and recording your approaches to fix all your subtleties (the one’s that make a huge difference)
  • … and lots more!

Meet Your Instructor – Josiah Prise

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Dates: September 16th – 18th, 2016

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Instructor: Josiah Prise

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Day Game Seminar & Infield Training ($2,995 value)
3-Months of Training & Support in The Academy
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Day Game Seminar & Infield Training ($2,995 value)
3-Months of Training & Support in The Academy
Night Game Seminar & Infield Training ($1,967 value) details
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