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And find the closest bootcamp. Believe me, day game is a million times easier than meeting women at bars, club, parties, or online…….IF you know the right way to do it.

Ok, we’ve all been there….your out on your lunch break or just running some errands at the mall and suddenly you see this stunning brunette who could probably pass as a Jessica Alba look a like. And then suddenly it happens, your mind goes completely blank. You freeze up and can’t think of a damn day game opener.

It’s OK there is a solution.

In fact, meeting women during the day is SUPER EASY…that is, if you have a simple system, the right body language and voice tonality, and aren’t afraid to “open”.

So without further ado, here are my top ten day game openers:



1. “Excuse me, do you know where Starbucks is?” (she answers) “Actually, I just thought you were cute I’m not even looking for Starbucks…”
2. “Hey cool X, (X=item of clothing, hairstyle, etc.), quick questions” (then ask a double ended questions).


Example: “Hey cool hair style, quick question…was that something you picked or did your hair stylist come up with it?”


3. “What’s your take on meeting people (at the mall, in LA, in an elevator, etc), because my friend Artisan said people are way too stuck up for that, but you seem cool” (Credit: PUA Vince Kelvin)


4. Cologne Opener (good for Victoria Secrets). Enter Victoria Secrets and ask for the men’s cologne. Then spray one brand on one wrist and side of your neck and the other brand on the other wrist and other side of your neck. Approach a woman shopping (or a worker) and say, “Excuse me, do you consider yourself a woman of good taste?” (she answers) “Well I’m trying to decide on which cologne to get, what do you think of this one (hold out your wrist). OK and this one? (other wrist)” (she answers). “Interesting, now I heard that smell is also determined by where it is on your body. Does it smell different on my neck?” (let her lean in and smell it)


5. “You look like you need a glass of wine. Long day?” (Credit: James Marshall)
Works great if she looks like she’s had a long day

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6. “Excuse me, I need your help with something, lets say you are this (describe yourself) and your talking to this (describe her) what would you say if you wanted to flirt with her?”

She may respond with, “I don’t know”. Just say, “come on your a girl you’re supposed to be good at this whole flirting thing. I’ve got nothing” (Credit: Robbie Krammer)

Example: “Excuse me, I need your help with something, lets say you are this pretty confident rocker looking guy wearing a hat, and your talking to this cute blond about 5’3″ wearing a blue shirt, what would you say if you wanted to flirt with her?”


7. “Hey this is totally random, and maybe even a little cheesy, but you are too cute I had to at least say ‘hi'”


8. “I noticed you all the way from over there and new I’d kick myself if I didn’t come say ‘hi'”



9. In a retail store grab two woman’s articles of clothing and say, “Excuse me, I need your opinion, this one (hold up one piece of clothing) or this one (hold up the other one)”? (she answers). “Really?? Because I thought this one brought out my eyes more :)”


10. “Definitely….hot. I like. But, I just don’t think my mom will approve. You’re not thinking about wearing them tonight…”



11. (Say to the mother) “Listen, I don’t mean to be rude but you’re sister is super cute and I wanted to totally inappropriately come say hi”



12. “Listen, I’m in a huge hurry but you are too damn cute….let’s take a chance and exchange numbers and if you’re totally cool on the phone, maybe we’ll hang out”

Now, of course there’s so much more to daygame than just opening, you want to bait the woman to chase you, demonstrate highly attractive attributes without bragging, give tons of value, close, set up a date, etc…….and honestly, you can read about how to do it, but what is that going to do?

That’s like reading about working out without actually going to the gym.

So instead of wasting your resources on books and products…..why not take an actual hands on course that will teach you exactly how to approach and attract women during the day, give you instant feedback and perfect your approach, and give you ongoing support and motivation?

It’s kind of a no brainer actually.

If you’re serious about meeting women during the day then take action and get the training you need to master day game!

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