What Will You Get?

  • Over 10 hours of infield approaching and perfecting your skill
  • Over 10 hours of classroom and seminar content
  • Day game drills and role-playing to perfect your approach
  • Feedback for your approaches to master your new skill set
  • Breakthrough exercises to push you past your limits and comfort zones
  • Videotapes of your approaches to see what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong
  • Full Fashion/Style Makeover
  • Night game training at bars and clubs(optional)
  • Rock Solid Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee (Get Your Full Investment Back and Keep All of the Bonuses)
  • Be prepared to do things you’ve never thought were possible, to learn things that are counterintuitive and to be a whole new improved YOU when we’re THROUGH!

What Will You Learn?

Our job is to fill your head with knowledge (without overfilling it) and turn that knowledge into pure skill. You will learn the skills you need to become a master at approaching and instantly attracting any woman you want during the day.

  • How to be more social and outgoing in your everyday life
  • The inner game aspect and proper mindset for day game, and having a life of abundance of women
  • The best “opener” and conversation starters to spark attraction and showcase your best attributes
  • How to approach in awkward situations (gym, on the phone, walking fast, working, with a guy friend, etc.)
  • How to get her to CHASE YOU
  • How to build attraction and get her trying to impress you (instead of you trying to impress her!)
  • How to number close and set up a date in under 2-minutes
  • What to do/say if she gives an objection like, “I have a boyfriend,” “I don’t give out my number,” “I am in a hurry,” etc.
  • How to be the man of her dreams and sweep her off her feet
  • How to take her on an “instant date” right then and there
  • How to make the number “solid” so she’s hoping for you to call
  • Texting techniques to set up a date in less than 5 text messages
  • What to do on the first date to escalate rapidly (physically, verbally, intimacy, and logistically)
  • Night game system, openers and escalation tactics (optional)
  • And MUCH MORE!!!


Turn Her On Through Text– Over 200 Proven Texts

Ever wonder what to text a girl? Ever send the wrong text and wish you could take it back? Turn Her On Through Text will teach you everything you need to know about texting girls including when to text, best first text, what to do if she doesn’t text back, calling VS texting, setting up a date through text, reviving older numbers and more. Plus, you’ll get over 160 of the best-proven texts ever for sparking attraction and getting a date fast!

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