When you register VIP for a 3-day boot camp you can retake any boot camp of equal length, anywhere in the world, anytime, for free!  This means that once you complete your boot camp, you can take another 3-day boot camp (one time) at no additional charge.

For example, if you register VIP for the Austin Texas 3-day boot camp, then you can retake a 3-day boot camp on our training schedule one more for free.

We can only accommodate VIP students if there are “new” students also attending the boot camp. If no new students have registered for the boot camp then the boot camp will be canceled, even if we have students that want to retake the boot camp. It is rare that a boot camp is canceled.

Other terms and conditions:

We have a maximum of 5 spots available for retakes per boot camp. Availability will be at a first come first serve basis. If you request a retake and all 5 spots all full then you will be put on a waiting list.

Infield priority will be given to new students attending the boot camp.

You must use your retake within one year from the time of your first boot camp.

This offer and will only be available for a limited time.

There are no VIP retakes available for 7-day boot camps.

Please email [email protected] to request a retake.


If you are VIP or 2-Year Trainer you can attend night game sessions during the 3-day boot camp.  Your trainer will take guys out 2 nights, typically Friday and Saturday night, and teach the most important principles and techniques to succeed at night game. You will get approximately 2 hours of lecture and approximately 2.5 hours of infield training at a bar, lounge or club.