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Practice makes perfect and when it comes to picking up girls, the same is definitely true. Perhaps all guys can agree on the idea that there’s nothing more stressing than asking a girl out. The possibility of rejection is always looming, causing guys to be extremely nervous when facing the girl they like. That’s why you need a Stockholm Dating Coach or Master Stockholm PUA to help you perfect your craft. Having a master PUA or “Pick Up Artist” would provide you with all the information and skills you need to become the ultimate female magnet.

This exclusive pua boot camp is designed to help you form effective habits for approaching, attracting, and seducing beautiful women during the day in Stockholm Sweden.

You’ll Learn:

How to Remove Anxieties
Nervousness is definitely they guy’s first problem when it comes to approaching women. The possibility of rejection often causes stress in most men, making it hard for them to act and talk normally. As most guys will attest, the very fact that they’re nervous causes them to blunder, making them appear a complete klutz in front of the girl. Needless to say, they CANNOT get dates this way. With the help of a Artisan, your Stockholm Pick Up Artists, you will find out exactly how to handle these anxieties so that you’ll appear utterly confident in front of a girl.

How to Create Sexual Tension
Sexual tension is very important for picking up girls. Without it, women will simply ignore the guy since they don’t feel that “spark” with them. What most don’t know is that the “spark” is not actually a fully natural thing. This kind of emotion can be aroused in women using specific techniques, tones and body language. This is exactly what Artisan and his day game trainers and dating coaches will be teaching you.

Body Language and Tonality
Body language and tonality goes both ways. Men usually know that a woman’s body language can change when they see someone that attracts them. Well, the same can be said for the guys. Females can also see telltale body language signs that lets them know if a guy is interested and if they are worth catching. Artisan and his team of master PUAs will teach you how to take advantage of this fact by providing you with a comprehensive step-by-step system on how to show the signals you need to show. In here, you’ll be taught how to control your tonality and body language to show girls that you’re a high value man.

Of course, those are just some of the benefits of getting a Stockholm PUA. You’ll also find yourself learning not just how to pick up girls but to forge a strong attachment with them that could lead to a lasting relationship.

Your Stockholm instructors will teach you:

  • How to approach any woman you want during the day in Stockholm Sweden
  • Inner game and mindset/NLP techniques to be in state and get rid of ALL approach anxiety and shyness for good
  • How to know what to say no matter what she’s doing (in a hurry, on the phone, with friends, etc.)
  • How to sweep a woman off her feet and be the man she’s always dreamed about
  • How to get women to CHASE YOU
  • How to number close and set up a date in less than 1 minute
  • How to create sexual tension and super strong attraction in 10 seconds
  • How to escalate physically
  • Body language and voice tonality techniques to subcommunicate high value qualities
  • Bonus night game, phone game, text game and first date strategies!


  • Over 22 hours of classroom lecture, live training and filming of all of your approaches
  • Instant feedback on your approaches to help you progress and form a real skill set

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